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Riser Live is all about the music. Our roots spread far and wide across many genres, and Riser bring together decades of experience and (dare we say it) no little ability. But where did it all begin?

Long ago, there was a time (oh yes, there was!) before Twitter and Facebook gave us all the opportunity to create imaginary people, whose lives could be shared with other imaginary people across the Internet. In this technologically retarded age, you were obliged to do your social networking face to face.

Those of us with musical inclinations could often be found at ‘open mic’ nights, which proved popular with those chaps who enjoy drinking beer whilst listening to a wide standard of singer/songwriter, with the potential for voicing our considered opinions as to their talent level (kind of like a 1980s Simon Cowell, but with beer as an excuse for being rude). Some of us even took the plunge and performed, and it was at just this kind of evening that the seeds of Riser began to germinate.

Lee was a regular performer, and first met the others when he was all sweaty and breathless after an energetic croon. It took years to get all of the Fab Five together in one place, but the concept was there. A few years later, Lee guested for Pete and David when they were doing some stuff with previous bands, and needed a vocalist.

Scroll forwards a few years, and Paul was invited to play as part of the band supporting the 2006 Pantomime at Maidenhead Town Hall. Also in the band was Pete’s lovely wife, Jo, on keyboards. At one of the performances, Paul was formally introduced to Pete, but neither realised that in a few short weeks history would be made.

Meanwhile, Lee was getting itchy feet. He wanted, in the words of ‘Joliet’ Jake Blues, to ‘put the band back together’. So calls were made, schedules were checked, and the numerous connections that had started way back in the days of yore came to fruition. Riser was born!

As the band’s reputation and repertoire grew, the boys decided that a keyboard maestro was called for. Fortunately, Pete knew the very man, and a quick call to Rob filled the gap in the back corner of the stage very nicely! The rest, as they say, is history…