Rob Thompson

rob page pic

Rob comes to us from the Dark Side, by which we don’t just mean Didcot… No Rob has in fact spent most of his public musical life playing guitar in in various heavy metal bands.  His domestication started several years back when he was recruited to a local symphonic-metal covers band called “Lost Innocence” where he met Pete.  When offered the gig with RISER he naturally jumped at the chance to play in what his mum would call “a proper band”…

Rob also has a love for folk music and is often seen at the back of a country pub session, mandolin in one hand and ale in the other.  Legend has it he’s also been spotted playing for a side of Morris dancers but the surviving photographs are far too fuzzy to be conclusive.

Despite his love for the heavy Rob has a wide and varied taste in music which fits well with the RISER vibe and is enjoying the challenge of getting up to speed with the ever evolving set list – he’s convinced that if it just stayed the same for long enough he’d nail it…. Even though we don’t play any Boney M!